Reflection week 7

On Monday the 28th my favourite thing was circus practise but I am not looking forward to the production.

On Tuesday the 29th my favourite thing was also circus practise.

On Wednesday the 30th my favourite thing was library because I found a new book called Freak Street.

On Thursday the 31st my favourite thing was art because I got to make a box for Father’s Day.

On Friday the 1st I am looking forward to the party because of the snacks, hot chips, lollies and the movie Pixals.



My Response To Roads End

Roads End is a questionable short film that was created in 2011 and made by Brianna Meyer. Overall I think the short film Roads End is mysterious and spooky.

Roads End is about how a guy gets picked up in a car, then later the driver gets distracted and drives off the cliff dying. But the unkown guy survives somehow.

The short film Roads End was great because it had some amazing features like the sound effects, old background and graphics. However there were some negatives like the story line and how it was too short.

In a nutshell, Roads End was very interesting but also creepy. It was too short so maybe it could of went into more details. I would rate Roads End a 7½ out of 10, you should check out Roads End for yourself.

Sincerely McKenzie.

Term 3 Week 4 Reflection

This week I have been practising hard on the ODD SoCKS Circus trick but I’m not very keen on peforming to people at the Ulumbarra Theatre. My favourite thing this week was pizza day on Tuesday the 8th. On Wednesday and Thursday I had Computer Club which is where we learn about computers, signals, IP and much much more.

Sincerely McKenzie.


In 2017 i hope that we will be better cures for cancers, improved technology devices and maybe some better allergy medicine. I want better cures for cancer because one of my cousins died from cancer. I also want better technology so computers don’t lag and be slow and improved allergy medicine so I don’t always get a blocked nose, itchy eyes and runny noses.


I walked down town and found an angry lizard then as i turned round it changed shape in to a realistic crocodile that was going to eat me if i didn’t run away. Then the S.W.A.T came in. Get behind Callum said and he pulls out an RPG out from the helicopter. BOOM! The missile explodes and the scales of the crocodile go everywhere. Lets move out guys says callum and he returns in the chopper.


One day a wide orange crocodile that can’t swim came along the river and saw a great big person on the other side.The crocodile had to chomp the callapsed person within a minute or he would faint so he tried to smash some trees which will fall and make a brige so he could cross but he wasn’t strong enough to knock em down the next day he found him self in a CAGE that was built with a strong metal.

Footy colours day

Footy colours day was a day to be out of school uniforms and donating a gold coins to help people with cancer at the hospital or later in life. People dressed up in Footy, Soccer, Hockey, Netball colours today and some special mini games were held on the oval like longest kick and hand ball.

By McKenzie



The water cycle.

collection: water runs into lakes and oceans

Vaporation: water gets to hot and turns into gas and floats up.

condensation: water gets too cold and turns into a cloud.

preacipation: cloud too heavy and it rains process starts again.